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hArtes Project

hArtes is a three year (2006-2009) research project (Integrated Project) funded by the IST programme of the European Commission.

hArtes aims to lay the foundation for a new holistic (end-to-end) approach for complex real-time embedded system design, with the latest algorithm exploration tools and reconfigurable hardware technologies.

The proposed approach will address, for the first time, optimal and rapid design of embedded systems from high-level descriptions, targeting a combination of embedded processors, digital signal processing and reconfigurable hardware. We will develop modular and scalable hardware platforms that can be reused and re-targeted by the tool chain to produce optimized real-time embedded products.

The results will be evaluated using advanced audio and visual systems that support next-generation communication and entertainment facilities, such as immersive audio and mobile visual processing. Innovations of our approach include: From the application point of view, the complexity of future mobile devices is becoming too big to design monolithic processing platforms. This is where the hArtes approach with reconfigurable heterogeneous system becomes vital.

Leaff Contribution

NU-Tech platform is the main entry tool of the hArtes toolchain. It has the role of assisting the designers in tuning and possibly improve the input algorithm at the highest level of abstraction.

Partners Co-funded by: Funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme), Research area: IST-2005-2.5.3 Embedded systems, Project number 035143.

European Commission